What you have told us so far

In October 2014, the Parish Council wrote to local residents inviting them to attend one of  three public meetings in Malpas, Tresillian and St Clement, to find out more about Neighbourhood Plans and to help the Parish Council decide whether one was needed for this area (plan launch – invitation letter). At the meetings, we handed out questionnaires which asked people to tell us what they thought about their neighbourhood or village – what they liked, what they thought was a problem and what they thought needed to change.  It also asked whether they thought that producing a plan was a good idea and whether they would be willing to help. The same questionnaire was published in the Christmas edition of the Tresillian residents’ magazine, ‘TRAM’ (Initial questionnaire) and distributed in local shops. There were a number of recurring themes; people valued the river views and unspoilt pastoral landscape of the AONB and valued their village identities – close to, but separate from Truro.

Some people voiced concerns about the number of second homes in some locations, and the fear that their village might become a ‘ghost town’, with limited housing and job opportunities for young people. Some were concerned about the need to protect historic buildings and their surroundings. Traffic and speeding in Tresillian and parking problems in Malpas were also frequently mentioned. People also had interesting ideas for improving their neighbourhood – such as a riverside walk at Tresillian. You can read the whole report here – Neighbourhood Plan – survey feedback (Microsoft Word document).

These questions are only a starting point. More detailed consultation work will start in 2016. Why not tell us what you think

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