Timeline listing of the procedure for creating the St Clement Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan from 2014 – to date.

St Clement Parish Council invitation to a public meeting for all residents of St Clement Parish 8th October 2014

Feedback from initial neighbourhood plan public consultation February 2015

Consultations held in April 2016 Yes/ No Questionnaire April 2016 Analysis of Questionnaire April 2016

St Clement Parish neighbourhood Plan Survey by the Cornwall Rural Community Charity took place in October 2016, the results were received in December 2016

Neighbourhood Plan Survey Analysis Report December 2016

A second survey was carried out in March 2017 to clarify issues raised from the December 2016 questionnaire. The results are here.

St Clement Housing Need Survey – Cornwall Council 30th October 2017

Local Landscape Character Assessment Value Questionnaire November 2017

A Youth consultation was carried out in June 2018

Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission Consultation explained – Cornwall Council March 2019

The results of the Neighbourhood Development Plan Pre-submission Questionnaire May 2019 are given in the consultation Statement.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan was voted on and passed by St Clement Parish Council subject to minor amendments at their meeting held in June 2019

Deborah McCann, planning inspector was selected to ensure that the NDP was fit for purpose. December 2019