The documents listed below are evidence used by the Steering Group during the process of creating St Clement Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

Cornwall Council Neighbourhood Planning Consultation & Engagement Toolkit November 2014

Website Tender Brief – St Clement Parish Council 6th January 2015

Cornwall Local Plan: Housing Evidence Base Briefing Note (BN7) September 2014

Cornwall Local Plan: Second and Holiday HomesHousing Evidence Base Briefing Note (BN11) December 2015

Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010 – 2030 Adopted November 2016

Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010 – 2030 Community Network Area Sections December 2016

Cornwall Design Guide – Cornwall Council 2013. Steering Group Briefing Paper.

Local Insight profile for ‘St Clement and St Michael Penkevil Parishes’ area. This report is copyrighted and was created by OCSI for Cornwall Council 27th January 2016

Cornwall Areas of Natural Beauty – Cornwall Council 2016 – 2021 St Clement Parish is partly covered by part 9 – South Coast Central

Briefing Papers for Steering Group

  1. Car Parking in St Clement Village
  2. Setting of Tresillian Village Settlement Boundary
  3. Setting of St Clement Village Settlement Boundary
  4. Setting of Malpas Village Settlement Boundary and Car Parking issues
  5. Policies on Heritage
  6. Truro Cycle Campaign
  7. Truro Loops

“Help us to help your community” request for volunteer training for the LLCA. 10th March 2017

Planning consultation: St Clement neighbourhood plan – SEA and HRA Screening from Natural England 25th February 2019

Pre-submission NPD consultation letter sent to all households 29th April 2019

Neighbourhood Plan Public Event Poster 29th April 2019

The list of Media publication information for St Clement Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan consultations shows the dates and methods of media used. Click on the links below for each document.

BBC Radio Cornwall 2016

Pirate FM 2016

Poster 2016

West Briton 2016

What’s On Cornwall 2016

Door-drop Flyer March 2017

Pirate FM March 2017

Poster March 2017

West Briton March 2017

What’s On Cornwall March 2017

Pirate FM Nov. 2017

Poster Nov. 2017

West Briton Nov. 2017

Cornwall 365 “What’s On”Nov. 2017

Letter to Residents May 2019

Pirate FM May 2019

Poster May 2019

West Briton May 2019

Cornwall 365 “What’s On” May 2019

TRAM – Tresillian Residents Association Magazine has been published since 1971 and the steering group have use it to keep residents up to date with the Neighbourhood Plan process. Below are extracts from the appropriate magazine.

Christmas 2014 no 166 SCPC Questionnaire

Spring 2015 no 167

Christmas 2015 no 170

Spring 2016 no 171

April 2016 no 172

Autumn 2016 no 173

Christmas 2016 no 174

Spring 2017 no 175

Summer 2017 no 176

Autumn 2017 no 177

Christmas 2017 no 178

Spring 2018 no 179

Summer 2018 no 180

Autumn 2018 no 181

Christmas 2018 no 182

Spring 2019 no 183

Summer 2019 no 184